Tic Tic Tic Bang

Recently, a friend invited me to a lecture. She talked about what great topics the speaker had covered and the title of the lecture intrigued me.

She was right the content of the lecture was interesting but the speaker had several nervous tics. Several times he stuck his tongue out and moved it side to side in what looked like and attempt to wet the corners of his mouth. Another was her pacing. Many times you will see a person pace from left to right on a stage. This person was constantly moving front to back three steps at a time. I was afraid the facilities would have to replace the carpet if he would have spoken much longer. Lastly and the worst habit he had was grabbing his crotch. Fortunately that only happened twice during the one-hour lecture.

We all have little habits we naturally do during a presentation. A problem arises when you have several very obvious tics. I can’t remember what his topic was I only remember the tics. This is considered a failed presentation.

Every chance I get I videotape my presentations so I can catch those bad habits. If you can’t videotape yourself invite a friend along and ask them to give you feed back on how you did. Feedback is your best friend as a presenter.

Remember keep your presentation clean and precise because a confused/distracted mind will not buy.