Power of Humor

My wife has been on a tirade against email spam. She is diligently unsubscribing from every unwanted email in her inbox. All but one that is. Below is the unsubscribe message from a get-rich-quick scheme.

If youHappy_Babby want to unsubscribe, I’ll be sad, distressed and lonely because I will truly miss you. After all, you pay for my bills; the Bentley, the mansion, the kids’ 3-room tree house and the cottage. But, it’s your choice. If that is your choice, and you have really thought about it, click here. If you’re having second thoughts about it though, then click here.

She laughed so hard when she read the above it echoed throughout the house. She chose not to unsubscribe. Her comment was, “Anyone that outrageous I have to respect.”

According to neuroscientists, laughter releases oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is the chemical responsible for the bonding mothers to their children. Another property of oxytocin is the ability to decrease anxiety, stress and depression. A feeling of altruism and increased generosity is part of the oxytocin related feeling resulting from my wife laughing. All these emotions combined to worked in the spammer’s favor.

Imagine your audience/customer feeling happy, enthusiastic and bonded to you like a close friend. This is what humor in your presentations will do for you. I’m sure you’ve seen many humorless presentations. Did you want to stick around and meet the presenter or were you like most of the people in the audience and hightailed it for the door as soon as you could.

Facts are important, that’s what gives the logical mind the reasons it needs to buy. Humor puts the initial desire in the hearts of your customers to really want to do business with you. When you put the desire in first; the mind has a very easy time finding a reason to buy. Add humor to your next presentation and you can have customers wanting to do business with you.