You’re Getting Very Sleepy

I was watching a presenter talk about his new company. He and his partners were going to revolutionize the way college students find employment. Sadly, I could barely keep my eyes open and I could not stop yawning.

hypnosis-155853_640As he spoke, on what should be an exciting subject, he kept a very monotone, quiet, soft voice throughout the entire presentation. I could not detect any enthusiasm in his voice during his 20-minute talk. This will not get people excited about your new product. In fact, I only remember a couple of people out of an audience of 30 that talked to them after the presentation. This is a poor result for someone who is seeking funding.

As a presenter, you are like a musical conductor. Just as a conductor controls the tempo and volume of an orchestra, you have that ability with an audience. Your voice’s pitch, tempo and volume guide and direct your audience just as the conductor’s hand and body movements guide and direct the orchestra.

When you want your audience to be excited, increase the pitch, tempo and volume of your voice. Do the reverse to bring them back to a more relaxed state. It’s important to move the audience up and down an emotional scale to ensure they remain interested in what you have to say.

Always keep in mind, sameness is boring and a bored mind wanders. I’ve seen presenters come out excited and stay at that level. This is just as bad as the guy that whispered us to sleep. Keeping a steady pitch, tempo and volume throughout your presentation will put your audience to sleep like Brahms’ Lullaby.