Subliminal and Persuasive Communication

Whether you are speaking to one or a thousand your speaking and presentation skills are critical

Weak presentations
Bore your audience
Create confusion
Cause mistrust in your message
Destroy confidence in Company/Product
Anger participants over wasted time
Result in loss of competitive edge

Powerful presentations
Captivate your Audience
Increase customer response
Inspire confidence
Connect emotionally
Profoundly move your audiences
Influence the buying decision

What we teach:
Speak to all people (REPS Matrix)
Make your points memorable
Harness any fear of speaking
Develop powerful slides
Create a short and concise message
Sell without making a sales pitch

The biggest question I get is, “Why should I get better at speaking and presentations? My product/service sells itself.” If you are the only product in a niche this may be true. Otherwise your product/service is basically a commodity with competitors. It’s the experience—the interaction between client and specialist—that helps you keep and gain customers.

Mark West
Mark West – Founder

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